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We know that the Smart Torch is great, but how about improving your lighting experience even more with our Ultra Smart Torch? It's our latest release that we just launched.


The Ultra Smart Torch is the more powerful sibling of the Smart Torch, with 7 high-power LEDs (instead of 4), a battery that lasts 1.5 times longer, and a side light that makes it a versatile and very useful headlamp.

With the Ultra Smart Torch, you'll be ready to face any situation, whether at home, camping or in an emergency. The most powerful light and longer battery life make a big difference when you need it most.

As you've already purchased our Smart Torch, we have an exclusive offer to add an Ultra Smart Torch in to your order for a REALLY special price. Instead of paying the regular price of $139, you can buy now and add to your order for just AUD $69.

Ultra Smart Torch

Unique offer with 60% OFF

Just more +AUD $69

But keep in mind: this offer is only valid for you and if you close this page, you won't be able to take advantage of it later. So don't miss the opportunity to improve your lighting experience!

This is an exclusive launch offer for our customers to experience the power of the Hyper Intelligent Flashlight.


If you accept this offer, you will receive:

Don't let this unique opportunity to get our most powerful torch and enjoy the Ultra Smart Flashlight, your perfect companion in all situations, slip away!

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