Miracle Screw PRO™

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The PRO version of Miracle Screw is now available to you!

With the PRO version, your 4 Miracle Screw Kits will be even more complete, and you'll be able to remove any size of stripped screw, even the bigger and unconventional ones.

2 Extra sizes, so you can't be stoped by any size of stripped screw

Click on "Upgrade" to exchange all your Miracle Screw Kits for the PRO version for just an additional £10!

2x MiracleScrew PRO™ Buy One Get Two - UK
Unique offer: Upgrade to the PRO version for just an additional £10
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£ 66,3
With the upgrade to the PRO version, you’ll pay only an additional £17 for 4 Miracle Screw PRO Kits
£ 83,3
The PRO version is well worth it!

I bought it for my husband, and he said the 2 sizes from the PRO version are the ones he uses the most, as they fit old screws. He loved the gift

This screw remover is the best purchase I've ever made!

Now repairs are so much easier! Never again will I waste time struggling with a damaged screw.

For those in doubt, I recommend the PRO version because it comes with 6 different sizes, sometimes the screw only comes out with the correct size remover!

What do you get with the upgrade?

Receive 2 PRO Miracle Screw Kits: With 2 sizes more than the standard version, there are a total of 6 different sizes to remove any stripped screw! Even the bigger unconventional ones!

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