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Congratulations on your new MaxVision glasses!

We're sure you're going to love the clear, crisp vision they provide. But, as with all glasses, they can get dirty or smudged, which can disrupt your perfect view.

You've probably experienced this before, right? And in those moments, we often reach for whatever's nearby - a shirt, a cloth - to clean them. But if it's not the right material, it could risk damaging your precious glasses.

But don't worry, we have a simple and smart solution for you.

Introducing our MicroClear Vision

A compact, powerful eyewear cleaner designed to keep your glasses spotless wherever you go. It features a special microfiber cloth, specifically designed for delicate items like glasses. Plus, its unique design makes it easy and effective to clean your glasses without risk.

For just CAD $14.99, you can add this to your order and we'll send it along with your MaxVision glasses.

Keep your glasses as clear as the day you bought them with MicroClear Vision. Add it to your order today with a special promotional price and taking advantage of the shipping of your product.

MicroClean Vision

60% OFF

CAD $24.99

CAD $14.99

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