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Meet FlavorChampagne™, with it you can enjoy a glass of champagne and save the rest with all the fizz and flavours for another time, avoiding waste

It uses the same vacuum technology of the FlavorWine, but it is made to fit perfectly in the different bottle neck of champagnes

Take advantage of the offer below now and complete your kit!

FlavorChampagne Buy One Get One Free US
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$ 64
$ 32
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Great product to preserve the champagne!

FlavorChampagne has made storing and enjoying champagne at a later time simple.

What a fantastic idea, the same principle of Flavorwine, applied to champagne!

I really liked this product, you open your champagne and it feels like the only time you can drink it is right after you've opened it. With FlavorChampagne you can enjoy champagne with the same flavour even days later

This is what's exactly included in this offer

Preserve and keep champagne always bubbly and ready to drink, in this offer you get 2 units of FlavorChampagne

One time offer

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