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Now that you've met FlavorWine, you might have wondered if there's a way to preserve champagne as well...

The answer is yes! Preserve all the flavour, aroma, and fizz of your champagne with the FlavorChampagne vacuum stopper!

No more wasting your special champagnes because you don't know how to store them, add FlavorChampagne to your order and complete your wine and bubbly kit.

And the best part: To help you complete your wine and sparkling wine kit, we've got a ripper of a deal for you. If you buy on this page, you'll get 1 FlavorChampagne for $35, but you'll receive 2 units!

That's just $17.5 Aussie dollars for each FlavorChampagne!

FlavorChampagne Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

One-time offer to buy 1 get 1 FREE with 50% off!
AUD $35.00

This is exactly what this offer includes

Keep your champagne always bubbly and ready to drink, receive 2 units in this FlavorChampagne offer

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