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Trimsher Pro™

Anticorrosive Blade

Durability you can feel! With the Anticorrosive Titanium Blade that promotes such surprising durability that, even after 2 years, it cuts the hair with the same efficiency.

Exceptional Economy

Enjoy the complete freedom of movement while perfecting your look. Thanks to wireless and rechargeable technology, you can trim your legs, beard, hair, and body hair with total flexibility. And the best part? You save over £350 with the durability of the titanium blade and reduce the frequency of razor and accessory purchases like batteries.




7000rpm engine (2x stronger than conventional)

And even the finest hairs are safely removed without relying on anyone for your appearance to always be charming and striking. And all of this in a very comfortable way, without irritating the skin, thanks to the high-precision blades, with a special design and a performance of 7,000 cuts per minute.

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Your purchase on this website is 100% secure, as we use security protocols that guarantee total reliability, confidentiality, and privacy of your data. Our SSL certificate ensures that there is no room for intruders to invade, meaning your data is always protected when you buy from us!

Customer Reviews

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98% of buyers recommend this product.

David Franklin
33 minutes ago

“Great product, very portable and excellent for handling. I shave myself and with this machine it has become much easier. I highly recommend it.”

Russell Diaz
3 hours ago

“It works very well and meets the expectations in both the finish and the quality of the product. It is excellent.”

Gabriel Torres
1 day ago

Very good, I admit I bought it with fear, but I am very satisfied. I charged the battery once and have used it 4 times and it still hasn’t discharged. The combs are great and its cut is impeccable.

Samantha Schwartz
4 days ago

“The express shipping that I paid for additionally surprised me! It arrived in 7 days, I loved the product! I recommend it 👍👍👍!”

Fernando López
7 days ago

Good product, meets expectations.

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